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Address: China. Sichuan. Chengdu, pixian county wangcong east road no. 19

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Sichuan Hongguang Auto Machinery

Electric Co., Ltd was established in August

1995. It was originally located at Lushi

Town, Huaying, Sichuan, which was

co-founded by North Fund and Southwest

Optical Instrument Factory.....

Core values: people-oriented, loyal to the enterprise, contributing efforts to society

Corporate spirit: seeking truth, pragmatic, united,

honest, persevering, and pursuing excellence

Corporate vision: to a build domestic first-class and

world-renowned auto parts enterprise

With strong professional and technical capabilities, the company has set up the technical

center for civilian products and the military research institute (among which the technical

center is the provincial technical center of sichuan province). The technical center of the

company has set up product design institute, machining art institute, special technology

institute and comprehensive institute. Technical center and military science research

institute have more than 130 engineering and technical personnel...


Fax:(+86)028-87887021 (+86)028-87887919

Areddss: No. 19, Wangcong East Road, Pixian

County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province


The four layer of the heart have smooth acceleration and deceleration of the most fuel-efficient fuel-efficient master
The company held "two learning and one doing" learning education mobilization and deployment meeting